The Zone.

There are four kinds of people in the world.

The first kind consists of people who are not affected by consumption of Marijuana in any form. Its quite simple to spot this type. The people in this type, in regular intervals, would keep saying that they are the same as before indulging in the crime.

The second kind consists of people who are not affected by consumption of Marijuana in any form although they try extremely hard to assert otherwise to the people around them. This kind can be spotted if they keep saying that they’re high. They’re not.

The third kind consists of people who do get affected by consumption of Marijuana. More often than not, you could spot this kind if they’re being loud and laughing uncontrollably at almost every fucking thing.

The fourth kind consists of people who truly get affected by consumption of Marijuana. This post is about the fourth type. How to spot the fourth kind? They’ll be in The Zone.


Everybody has gone for a run some time or the other in their entire lives. Just after completing the run, you sit down, and you rest your leg. The surge of relaxation that sprints through your leg the moment you set it down after a tedious routine is sweet sweet pleasure. Just imagine this surge of relaxation comforting your eyes without having to ‘go for a run’.

Being in the zone is being in the place where a person wants silence and calmness but at the same time, they wouldn’t mind just the right type of music. In fact, the right music would enhance the trip you’re already in.

When you’ve just rested after a tedious workout routine, you feel tired but relaxed. Now if someone massages your body, the feeling is inexplicable. The muscles are soothed, heartbeat gets slower and there is nothing in the world you want more than that magical massage.

After consumption of Marijuana, music is the masseur for the eyes. You’re already relaxed but each beat, each note induces a vibration starting from your eyes and expanding through your body in all directions. The result is pure Heaven on Earth. If you’re doing it right, slowly the heartbeats would sync with the music that’s playing and with each heartbeat, you could feel the heart pumping pockets of pleasure through the blood to every part of the your body. Now you’ve entered The Zone.

In this phase, any ailment you might have been feeling previously would disappear. You would only feel the vibrations connecting the soul to your body. You feel elated, blissful, euphoric, ECSTATIC.

Experience all this, but only this time, experience it with the one whom you consider the closest. If that person is in the zone with you, I can say it with authority that a bond between two people could never be any stronger no matter how hard you try. If you can enjoy the silence while feeling euphoric and at the same time respecting each other’s inhibitions, the inhibitions would be no more. You would’ve become a wiser, grown person.


To be in the Zone, one has to want to be there. They would’ve have to fall in love with Mary Jane.

– P.S


2 thoughts on “The Zone.

  1. “kia ora” (hello/be well).. just returning the favour.. thx for the like on my blog (End Drug War Aotearoa/NZ)

    Its always good to read stuff from people, who discuss these issues.. esp. those who seem opposed to the global drug war.. now well passed its useby date & actually causing more harm than it could possibly resolve ! 😦

    “Kia kaha” (be strong) more power to ya ! 🙂


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