What a time to be alive.

21st century has seen some spectacular technological advancements.

I’m not talking about us sending rovers to Mars. Fuck that.

I’m talking about technology that any other 21 year old could get their hands on.

Let’s talk about the two most common technological equipments that can be found on most of the normal 21 year olds like me. Smartphones and Headphones.

Someone sometime ago worked really hard to introduce mobile phones to human kind. Then someone took it a step further, added more value to mobiles by introducing new features and functions that it could perform.
It went on, and after decades of studying and sleepless nights and hard work and advancement, smartphones came into being.

Someone somewhere many years ago realized it would be a great feeling if one could listen to music uninterrupted by the outside noise. The person wanted to listen to music and music only. Cut out from the rest of the world but getting lost in the relatable music, it would be the best thing ever, the person must’ve thought.
Headphones was the answer, it made its way. It went on its own evolutionary path. One would think how could headphones evolve, it just performs one function: delivering music. But the quality is where innovations were required. And innovations we did.

Now we listen music so pure, so uncontaminated, so original, it’s like the greatest artists are performing right in your brains.

The artists, the musicians, the Greatest ever, they were not great at one point. They felt, they understood, they learned from life and they wrote about it, sung about it and they poured all that in the music they produced, in the the melody they concocted.

Call it a blessing or simple ignorance of the brilliance of these wonderful artists, that all their concoctions are available at the click of a button or a touch of your finger.

It all synced so perfectly. Smartphones and Headphones. Both of them were in a race and we were the finishing line. And both of them reached us at the same time.

We hardly acknowledge this. Technology does this. It makes everything so mere that we never take a moment to appreciate. Mankind put in its best effort, used all the resources it had, took all the time it needed to deliver the best experience a person could get in their lonesome.

Nature has been doing it ever since mankind came into being.
In the form of Marijuana.

In this plastic world, Marijuana is the only natural, pure recreational substance that can thwart any other recreational innovations put forward by man.

If we combine nature and technology, the mix that results has no match.
Indulging in Marijuana all the while listening to music of your choice through the headphones from your smartphone is unparalleled.

All this, so that YOU get to contemplate and celebrate life.. peacefully.

– P.S

P.S – Music #Chill/Ambient


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