3 am.

“He dared to think again. What if he received that same desolate feeling if he risked it? But it had to be done, he needed to know how far had he come. He was pretty confident he’d come far enough. Disregarding the previous flaws in his confidence, he rolled two at 3 am. Amidst the absolute silence despite the music, sitting on the window sill, he plucked the lighter. The deafening soft hiss of the flames erupting from the lighter was music of its own. He could feel the fire engulfing that unwanted feeling. He would know soon enough for sure. With each puff he toked, he went deeper.”

Song Playing – Thrive (2:02) : “It was the moment of revelation, he closed his eyes. He could feel his thoughts salvaging inside, and the next moment an almost negligible, one sided smile hovered on his face. It was the smile of accomplishment, a reward. The desolate feeling had finally been replaced with determination, compassion. He’d evolved. He felt his confidence level rising just as the hair on his hands defied gravity.”


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