Why can’t I just abandon everything and live a peaceful life on the mountains? I know the answer to the question I ask. It’s because I just can’t.

We live in a world where, from the very onset, humans have strived to be better than others, richer than others. So naturally, this has been passed down from generations and it will continue to get passed on. It’s just sad. Were we meant to earn ‘Money’? – No. We weren’t. We invented it, to distinguish amongst ourselves, as if distinguishing each other on the basis of religion wasn’t enough. They say you have to grow up and be successful. Does success guarantee happiness? Our theory is downright flawed. Chasing wealth wouldn’t ensure happiness. Ask the rich, ‘Are you happy?’, they will say that it’s better to cry in a Ferrari than on the road. In fact, this is what most people would say, but when would it end? You get that Ferrari, now you want a luxurious home, then a jet, then an island. And then what? The things you buy loses its charm over a period of time. Then what is the point? The people who strive to be rich, I pity them, I pity myself. Yes they have understood how to function in this world, the world Humans made, not the world that was intended. They have understood how to work to be on top of people who haven’t understood it yet. But in the process, they are missing out the intricacies of life. They are not living, they are functioning.

People who work hard to achieve all this, do they enjoy waking up early every morning to study or go to the office or to their work place? – No they don’t. People who say otherwise are lying. Just so you can cry in a Ferrari, you are crying everyday. They are not enjoying the life they have been provided. They are alive, it’s such a magical thing, yet they choose to strive for things which wouldn’t matter at all when they die. What matters when you die? I think the memories you’ve made, the friendships you’ve developed, the people you’ve loved, matter. Will it matter that you’ve a shit load of cars or jewellery or houses? Can’t take them with you, can you? You know what you can take? – The experience of living. You are fortunate enough to walk and think, yet you chose to drive and be mindless. Don’t you feel alive when you skydive? You know that if the parachute doesn’t open, you’ll die. You’re afraid to die because you know then what life is. You don’t want to lose it. Is it because you have to go to work in the morning or attend that lecture on economics? No. It is also not because it’s going to hurt. I don’t suppose dying hurts. But it’s because you don’t want to lose the feeling you get when you talk to the girl you like, you don’t want to lose the smile you have, the good feeling you get when you visit your friends and family, when you travel, when you have sex, the euphoria you experience when you smoke weed. You’ll miss these small things, but you’ll realize, these are not small, but the most important ones. Ask the people who have survived suicide attempts, they’ll say that they regretted the moment they took that jump, they realized that nothing is greater than the feeling of being alive. Then why are we killing ourselves each day to achieve things which have no significance? Humans are different than the other animals because of our tendency to learn efficiently. But we haven’t learned shit. They market commodities to make us wish to buy those things which we don’t require with the money we don’t need.

Why does it bore you to study or wake up on that haunted ‘Monday Morning’ when you know that it’s going to make you rich someday and then you could buy that fucking Ferrari you always wanted, but instead you feel that it would’ve been so better if you didn’t have to do those things just because it doesn’t interest you. What is so hard and difficult in doing things you love to do? One life. Do you really want to waste it by doing shit which doesn’t make you eternally happy? Where is the sense in that? Just because the society expects it of you, or because it has been the notion of Humankind since inception, doesn’t mean it’s right. It’s not our fault that we’ve been brought up this way, ever since our schooling days we’ve been led to believe that studying and working hard would accomplish the desires of the heart, but what the heart desires, money can never bring.

Look at what we’ve done. The air is polluted, the water’s contaminated, the glaciers are melting, the Earth is hotter, animals are extinct, but the end result for humans? Humans are now comfortable and self appointed rich, but not happy. They’ve taken over the lands, the waters, made imaginary lines on them and divided them on the basis of location and religion and caste and language, and now they charge you for using what the Earth had for everyone. We are so flawed that we think war brings peace and man made drugs brings health. But natural things like Marijuana which makes most of the people believe in its powers of healing and recreation, is ‘banned’. Who the fuck is the government to ban a natural thing? The greatest Irony in all this is that they are telling you what to do and what not to do and still they call it freedom.

But all said and done, I can’t abandon everything and go live in the mountains because I’m so deeply trapped in the contraptions man made, it’s impossible for me to break myself free.

Someday maybe, but that day is not today.

– P.S


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