With everything that’s coming back in style, I wish intelligence and smartness coupled with chivalry was back in fashion. I wish the way to impress girls was by showing and giving them respect, by being funny, by making them laugh, by complimenting them. But alas, most of them would choose a fuck boy. And because they prefer fuck boys, the guys want to become one and the world is now filled with them, it’s pathetic! The kind of music with the kind of lyrics that are produced these days is downright vomit. Since when did we go from “I wanna lay you down on a bed of roses” to “I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful, damn you’se a sexy bitch”? But the problem with the above line is, being disrespectful was the point. It was intended to sound cool and rev up the hormones of fuck boys and give it unnecessary and unneeded fuel.

Believe it or not, the type of music you listen to, shapes up your personality. It influences the way you think, the way you talk, the way you present yourself as a person. And the problem is, people, including myself, sing along with these songs and eventually we start to think that yeah, if this famous guy is singing it, then it must be cool, this must be the way to treat girls. Music is a very subjective topic and I wouldn’t dwell on it more than that’s necessary. The point is, we, men, have lost the charm and sophistication of impressing our women. Women are now impressed by much less worthy traits.

And this is the reason relationships are so casual these days. It has lost all meaning. That’s because the relationship wasn’t founded on genuine feelings, but on the hormones of the people acting up momentarily at the right time. People fall in and out of love faster than a penis of a horny guy, having sex after a long time, comes in and out of the ‘prize’. Yes, that’s the analogy I make, because the world is fucked up. Finding someone and having something truly real is a rare thing these days. Look at the number of divorces that happen around the world and compare these numbers with the past. Humans may not trust one another, but one thing that they do trust is numbers. Numbers speak volumes.

Relationship is the most important thing that a person should have. A man is incomplete without a woman and vice versa. At the end of the day, even if you have nothing but a person who loves you more than anything, you have everything. But if that relationship is founded on shallow things like money or looks or body shape, it’s weak. It will crumble and fall the moment your significant other loses one of these things, because these things, they are temporary. Founding a relationship based on the nature of the other person, on the other hand, is stronger. Because a person’s nature cannot be lost, it cannot be changed that easily, it’s permanent.

Being happy in life should be the ultimate goal. Wouldn’t you want to be with the person who becomes the source of your happiness? It’s tough to find them, they are gems after all, wouldn’t be fun if it was easy. But once you do find them, keep them. You wouldn’t wanna throw a gem away now, that would be stupid, wouldn’t it?

– P.S


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